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Induction Pans UK - "The Perfect Partner for Induction Cooking"

Cookware available in our cookware shop includes: pans, frying pans, woks and more.

It is very important that the correct induction pots and pans are selected for cooking with an induction hob.

Although any ferrous metal pan can be used when cooking with induction (you can check this by seeing if the pan is attracted to a magnet), if you want to achieve the best cooking performance from your induction hob, you should aim to purchase the best quailty induction pan that you can afford.

As manufacturers of i-hob induction hobs and i-hob induction cooking stations, suitable for use in the commercial kitchen, we have conducted many trials on induction using the pots and pans in our cookware shop.


With the different brands, shapes and materials available today, choosing which pan is best for you can be a daunting task.  We have therefore put together a collection of induction pans which are not only stylish and competative in price, but will also help you achieve the best performance from your induction hob.


The induction pans we recommend are already being successfully used, together with our i-hob induction cooking equipment, throughout the UK in schools, training kitchens, commercial kitchens and at home.

If, after browsing our cookware shop, you are still undecided as to the perfect induction pan for you, why not visit us and trial the induction pans in our demonstration kitchen?

Call us on 01452 410447 - we are here to help.